Would you say your driftwood horses embody the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi?

bronze horse and elephant babies


Chinoise 41 cm x 39 cm or  16 x 15 inches and small baby elephants 

The Pale bronze series is mainly composed of small limited edition contemporary bronzes

suitable for interiors. Most of those shown are for sale but please check availability.

There are also two large pieces for exteriors.


Zingaro small bronze horse sculpture


Zingaro 41 cm x 43 cm or 16 x 17 inches edition of 12 




Magic Horse  53 x 50 cm  21 inches x 19.5  edition of 12.  


 Jeunesse  38 cm x 4o cm or 14 x 15 inches edition of 12 


small contemporary bronze horse and rider

The Calling 43 cm x 40cm  17 x 16 inches edition of 12



'Rufus' 53 cm x 42 cm 20 x 16 inches edition of 12





Lightfoot. Bronze 25 inches or 64 cm nose to tail

small contemporary bronze elephant sculptures

                                 'Matriach'  28 cm or 11 inches tusk to tail and Child.