Behold, thou art fair, my love; thou art fair; thou hast doves’ eyes.



East Street Ashburton


 Specialist Driftwood Sculpture in the Dartmoor National Park




Gallery no12 Heather Jansch tabletop/floor driftwood & bronze sculptures


Art for Home Interiors 


Nothing says more about an interior than the quality of the artwork.

Whether you are looking for a unique driftwood sculpture for the mantel piece, small bronze, or painting for the walls Number Twelve has a wealth of choices, we may surprise you with the perfect gift for someone who has everything and delight you with the latest tabletop original driftwood horses.

There are A4 pencil sketches & original sculptor’s working drawings, small burnt wood drawings, colourful limited edition prints,  bold floor statement pieces for spacious interiors, reliefs in driftwood, editions of small bronzes, signed copies of Heather Jansch's Diary and her latest book, Bert Jansch - Living with the Legend. There are postcards, mixed media originals & wonderfully individual hand crafted walking sticks.


In the interior is an extraordinarily comfortable sofa where you can sit to view work undisturbed & experience a genuine friendly reception in the tradition of Heather Jansch's Open Studios at her sculpture garden.    

NUMBER TWELVE caters for the discerning collector of contemporary art and offers total discretion

in providing bespoke art of all types for the home or corporate interior.